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12 Must-Haves for a Potty Training Bag


Now that my daughter is fully potty trained during the day AND completely dry at night, it’s safe to say that we are done. With. potty. Training. YESSS!!!! But there are certain things I learned along the way and the main thing is to BE. PREPARED. In looking back, I realize there were 12 must-haves that I kept in my potty training bag. 

These potty training must-haves allowed me to be OVER-prepared. When a major accident happened on a larger scale than I had imagined I was incredibly glad that I was prepared! 

If you’d like to be sure that you’re ready for anything, here are the 12 potty must-haves that I found useful to keep in my potty training bag.  

1| Folding Potty Topper

A folding potty topper is a perfect item to take with you to ensure that any sized toilet can be made to easily fit your child’s tiny bum. While it’s not a necessity, I personally like knowing that it’s more comfortable for my child to use the restroom and it’s most likely cleaner than a public toilet. I got one like the picture above that can be folded up and put into my potty training bag. It comes with a plastic case to store it in. Of course, it’s recommended to disinfect this regularly.

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2| Baby Wipes

This is an obvious one. Baby wipes are great to clean up a mess of any kind. And, since they’re probably in your diaper bag already, it’s an easy transition to simply keep them stocked in a potty training bag. 

3| Flushable Wipes

potty training must-haves

Wipes that are flushable. These are designed to help your little one learn how to wipe themselves after a bowel movement. I suppose I don’t need to get into any detail here. 

4| Travel-size Clorox Wipes

I personally liked keeping a pack of travel-size Clorox wipes in my potty training bag. This way I could quickly disinfect any item or surface by giving it a quick wipedown. They’re nice to keep on hand when you’re out and about with all the germs that are present in public restrooms. 

5| Travel-size Lysol Spray 

potty training must-haves

Similar to the Clorox wipes, travel-size Lysol spray is another great item to keep on hand to disinfect any and all surfaces. Quickly spray it on surfaces to kill 99.9% of germs. This is especially critical to stay healthy during cold and flu season. If you’re not as germ-conscious as I am then feel free to skip these items. It’s totally up to you. 

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6| Pull-Ups

potty training must-haves

These I kept just in case I didn’t have an extra pair of underwear or in case it was the type of day where I could tell that a Pull-Up was needed.

7| Change of Clothes 

These are a necessity in any diaper bag, but even more so in a potty training bag. Including more than 1 pair of clean underwear is a good idea too. 

8| Changing Pad

potty training must-haves

Another item that can be transferred from a diaper bag to a potty training bag since there will still be changes and messes to clean up. 

9| Plastic Bags 

potty training must-haves

These Arm & Hammer diaper bags are nice to keep on hand to store soiled clothes until you can get home to wash them. Or grocery store plastic bags work just as well too!

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10| Hand Sanitizer

Even if you skip the Clorox wipes and Lysol spray, hand sanitizer is an obvious must-have. It’s especially critical at park restrooms in case they may not be well-stocked with soap or even running water. 

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11| Travel Potty

potty training must-haves

Speaking of parks, I’ve found that it’s helpful to keep a travel potty like the Potette Potty in the trunk of the car. These are available for purchase on Amazon as well as the bags that go inside it. It’s useful for Farmers’ Markets, road trips, and parks, anytime there might not be a public restroom, or whenever there’s a long line for the restroom and your little one can’t hold it. 

12| Reward / Distractor 

Depending on how you’re rewarding your child throughout the process, a reward is a potty training must-have. That way, you can instantly reward your child’s behavior to instill in them good potty training habits. 

Stickers work well as rewards and distractors. Giving your child a sticker can help to either reward them immediately for good behavior or to distract them while you’re changing them. 


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