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15 Places to Donate Decluttered Stuff

You’ve purged and downsized. You’ve made great strides in your journey to simplify your life. Now comes the time to donate your decluttered items.   But where? Where do you donate your decluttered stuff? Especially if it's still in great condition and could be appreciated by someone else. I ... READ the POST

Organize a Closet Under the Stairs – On a Budget, in 1 Day

Do you crave an organized, practical, and functional closet under the stairs, without totally renovating your space? I certainly did with ours! So I'd like to share with you how to organize a closet under the stairs in 1 day and on a budget. A closet under the stairs can be a tricky spot to ... READ the POST

150 Things to Do Near Disneyland

The beautiful beaches, temperate weather, world-class dining, and luxury shopping experiences bring visitors to Orange County year-round. Oh yes, and so does a little place called Disneyland. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Well, Disneyland is by no means the only thing to see or do in Orange County! ... READ the POST

IKEA Kallax Hack: Playroom Storage Benches

When I decided to turn our dining room into a playroom, I knew I wanted to create something that could blend in with our living room decor, be functional for kids yet stylish for adults, and have the versatility to grow with our family. I knew it was time for an IKEA Kallax hack. The IKEA Kallax ... READ the POST

Organize a Small Closet in 5 Simple Steps

Would you like to streamline your morning routine? Organizing your closet is the first step to creating a smooth and efficient start to the day. A challenge is posed when you want to organize a small closet on a budget and you live in a rental. The good news is that most people wear 20% of their ... READ the POST