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31 Ingenious Caddy Storage Ideas


Do you like items that can serve a multitude of purposes – or at least more than just one? Me too. That’s why I came up with a list of 31 caddy storage ideas. A caddy is an incredibly versatile organizing tool!

For most of them, all you need is a caddy from the Dollar Tree, so it’s doable for any budget. Of course, caddies come in various styles and price points, so this list is by no means restricted to a dollar store caddy.

Hopefully, this list of caddy storage ideas will help you to gather inspiration for different ways to use your favorite caddy of choice.

Let’s begin with my current fave…

1| Diaper-Changing Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

This is currently my favorite use for a caddy. No need to buy a fancy-shmancy diaper caddy when this shower caddy (that I got for $3 in the Target dollar spot) will get the job done! I’ve found this to be a diaper-changing game-changer with an active toddler.

2| Road Trip Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Keeping Life Creative

Pick up a few Dollar Tree caddies before your next road trip and you’ll have a place for each child to keep their toys in the car. The little compartments conveniently fit crayons, markers, miniature magnadoodles, toy figurines, small board books or chapter books, and more. It can even be used to wrangle road trip snacks.

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3| Fast Food Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via It’s Written on the Walls

Isn’t this idea from It’s Written on the Walls just fabulous? As it turns out, a Dollar Tree caddy perfectly corrals your kids’ burger and fries. A great solution for carpool drive-throughs and family road trips. What a great idea to cut down on messes while eating in the car!

4| Movie Night Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via cookeatgo

I love this idea from Cook Eat Go. A caddy is a nice solution for each family member to keep their popcorn, drink, and candy bar for a special movie night at home. The storage caddies in the photo above as well as the popcorn containers can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.

5| Kids’ Bathroom Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Amazon.com

Facilitate independence by preparing a bathroom kit for your kids! Use a caddy to store whatever they need to get ready in the morning or at night. It could include a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, lotion, etc. 

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6| Girls’ Hair Bows, Headbands, & Clips

shower caddy organization ideas

Speaking of headbands, a caddy nicely stores hair bows, hair clips, elastics, hair ties, etc. It’s easy to move around the house or store near the kitchen for easy access to do your daughter’s hair before heading out the door in the morning. If you have multiple girls living under one roof, it’s a universal place to corral all the hair stuff. Plus it can help to put a limit on the amount of hair stuff too so it doesn’t multiply too quickly. 😉 

7| Car Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Old Salt Farm

A caddy easily organizes small car supplies, such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen, pens, notepad, wipes, lip gloss, lotion, mints, kleenex, Tide pen, or snacks. 

8| Sick Kid Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Darling Doodles Design

Store Pedialyte, Gatorade, cough drops, medicine, or tissue in a storage caddy to create a portable sick kit. If no one is sick, keep is stocked and then you’ll save yourself a trip to the store the next time someone in the family falls ill. The creative Cough and Carry Caddy pictured above is from Brie at Darling Doodles Design.

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9| First Aid Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Thirty One Gifts

Care for boo-boos in a breeze with a first aid caddy. Organize various items like gauze, band-aids, neosporin, ace wraps, cortizone cream, and medications in a shower caddy to quickly and easily dispense first aid care.

10| Postpartum Recovery Kit

Shower Caddy organization Ideas

Via Mommy on Purpose

This is a great idea from Carly at Mommy on Purpose! Use a pretty basket like she did, or fill a dollar store caddy with postpartum essentials. If you’re preparing to bring home a baby, you can fill it with the postpartum essentials of your choice (mesh panties, pads, witch hazel, Tuck’s pads, ibuprofen, stool softener, etc.).

It also makes a great gift for a new mom or anyone who’s recently had a baby! You could include things like a luxurious lotion, sleep mask, bath salts, essential oils, protein bars, gift cards, or cozy slippers.

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11| Nursing/Breastfeeding Kit

Nursing Caddy - Shower Caddy organization ideas

If you or a friend of yours is breastfeeding, you could create a nursing kit out of a storage caddy. Include nursing pads, nipple cream, burp cloths, protein bars, a nice water bottle (gotta stay hydrated!), or anything else you/she might need handy while breastfeeding. The above picture is an example of what’s currently in mine – pens, nipple cream, protein bars, a protein drink, a Haakaa pump, and disposable nursing pads. The white caddy is from the Target dollar spot.

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12| DIY Breakfast Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via MomAdvice.com

This is a great idea from MomAdvice.com that will help simplify busy mornings. Help your kids get out the door faster in the morning WITH a healthy breakfast on-the-go! 

13| Self-Care/Spa Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via KidBam.com

Enjoy “me time” at the end of a long day by storing a candle, face mask, nail polish, lotion, bath bomb, bath salts, or a loofah in a shower caddy. This also makes a simple and inexpensive gift (or party favor) for a baby shower, bridal shower, or a friend that recently had a baby.

14| Picnic Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Tonya at The Centsible Life

Be prepared for dinner on the patio, a picnic in the park, or an informal dinner with friends by storing meal time accessories in a caddy. Some things to include would be forks, spoons, napkins, salt, and pepper.

15| DIY Car Caddy for Kids

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Thirty Handmade Days

This idea comes from a collaboration of The Homes I Have Made and Thirty Handmade Days. It’s such a fantastic way to make a road trip really special for the kiddos by personalizing the caddy with the child’s name, some travel-related stickers, and their favorite snacks.

16| Homework Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

via Simple Made Pretty

I love this Dollar Store Portable Homework Station DIY from Melanie at Simple Made Pretty! Head over to her blog for a great instructional on how to DIY the homework caddy pictured above. A caddy makes a nice desktop organizer or storage option for a homework station. If the dining room table is the homework station, then even the more reason to keep a shower caddy with your child’s homework supplies nearby. Use it to store everything they need to do their homework, so there’s no wasted time searching for supplies. Click here for more homework caddy organization from A Bowl Full of Lemons

17| Art Supply Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

From I Heart Organizing

Along the same lines, a caddy is a convenient way to keep art supplies in one place, like this idea from I Heart Organizing. Plus, the small caddies are a good size for preschoolers and kindergarteners to transport on their own. The make a nice home for crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors, paint, sidewalk chalk, you name it.  

18| College Dorm Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Mom 4 Real

Jessica at Mom 4 Real has a fabulous College Dorm Shower Caddy Care Package Idea. Filling a shower caddy with dorm supplies makes a simple yet practical gift for the high school graduate that’s going off to college. You could fill it with actual shower items they’d need or desk supplies, cleaning supplies to clean their dorm, or treats (like candy, gum, and coffee).

19| Cleaning Supply Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

From I Heart Organizing

Use a caddy to easily and efficiently store cleaning supplies in each room of the house. It fits nicely in a cabinet under the sink for quick bathroom cleaning. This one pictured from I Heart Organizing is also portable to take with you while cleaning around the house yet not as heavy as a larger cleaning caddy.

20| Kid’s Chore Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via This is How We Mommy

This is How We Mommy came up with a unique way to simplify kids’ chores. Give each child a chore caddy with a to-do list and the supplies they need to complete their chores. Many of the items pictured above can be picked up at the dollar store too.

21| Guest/Hospitality Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Make your guests feel at home with a caddy full of hospitality items. Things like mints, travel toiletries, hand sanitizer, earplugs, a sleep mask, and water bottles all fit nicely into a small shower caddy and make a warm welcome package.  

22| Coffee/Tea Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Classic Casual Home

shower caddy organization ideas

Via A Shade of Teal

Speaking of hospitality, a great way to help guests help themselves is to make a coffee and tea caddy for easy access in the mornings. If you have friends over often for coffee and tea, this is a convenient way to corral everything in one place. Store tea bags, instant coffee, hot chocolate, cream, sugar, Keurig pods, and spoons in a caddy for a portable coffee station.

23| Under the Kitchen Sink Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Neat House Sweet Home

Isn’t this an awesome way to control the chaos of random items under the kitchen sink? You could use a simple caddy to hold sponges, brushes, dish soap, dish detergent pods, rubber gloves, and much more!

24| Summer Essentials Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via The Joyful Sort

I love this idea from Kelly at The Joyful Sort. I noticed it on her Instagram feed. She used a utensil caddy from Target to store summer essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen, band-aids, and bug spray. Easy peasy!

25| Bible Study/Journaling Caddy

If you attend a Bible study or have a routine devotional time, then making a Bible study caddy might be right up your alley. No need to waste time searching for Bible study supplies when you can have everything in one place, stored in the spot you prefer to study the Bible. Keep your pens, highlighters, twistable crayons, journals, Bibles, hymnals, or Christian ministry books in a caddy for simple organization.

26| Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting Caddy

If sewing is your favorite hobby, but you don’t have your own sewing room, then a sewing caddy will help create a station for sewing. Store your pin cushions, scissors, pins, needles, seam ripper, sewing chalk, ruler and more in a caddy so you won’t have to hunt for things in the middle of a project. Do you prefer knitting or crocheting instead of sewing? A caddy can also organize knitting or crocheting supplies. The compartments nicely store yarn, needles, patterns, and knitting or crocheting books.

27| Bath Toy Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Use a shower caddy to contain small bath toys for kids like rubber duckies, bath squirters, foam letters, or even measuring cups and spoons. It’s also a nice way to store a collection of bathtub fingerpaint.

28| Moving Supply Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Gearing up for a move? Pick up a caddy at the dollar store to hold sharpies, packaging tape, colored dots (for color-coding boxes), trash bags, and anything else you might need to keep handy during the move. Lots of those items can be purchased at a dollar store too, to save you a trip.

29| Yard Sale/Garage Sale Caddy

Similar to the Moving Supply Kit, you can use a caddy to organize the things you need to keep on hand during a yard or garage sale. Then, throughout the day you can access things like pens, sharpies, price labels, tape, cash/change as needed.

30| Kid’s Snack Kit

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Smart School House

Simplify after school snacks by creating a snack caddy. This would be perfect if you’re on-the-go a lot for after school activities.

31| Remote Control Caddy

shower caddy organization ideas

Via Teach Me Mommy

If you have multiple remote controls for various devices, create a remote control caddy to centralize them all in one place. Keep the caddy next to the sofa or underneath a coffee table for easy access.

Share YOUR Ideas

If you’re brimming with creative caddy organization ideas, please share in the comments below!

I love a good organizing hack, don’t you?


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