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15 Living Room Toy Storage Ideas that are Affordable & Functional


If you live in a small space, don’t have a dedicated playroom, or simply need to keep toys where the rest of the family is, then this post is for you! I’ve come up with 15 living room toy storage ideas that are both affordable and functional to help you brainstorm ways to maximize the space in your home.

Hide Toys in Plain Sight

The first living room storage idea is to contain the toys in something that’s not an eyesore. Hide the toys in plain sight by utilizing ottomans, benches, lidded baskets, and other multi-functional furniture pieces!

1 | This upholstered bench made by Poppin can be found at The Container Store and it’s a doozy! It’s a functional piece of furniture that can hold up to 275 pounds of weight as extra seating and it can hold a whole lot of stuff inside! Toys, throw blankets, books, games, puzzles – can all be stored in this awesome bench.

2| Similar to the storage bench, Poppin makes a storage ottoman that can also double up as seating as well as storage.

3 | These lidded baskets from Walmart are both beautiful and practical. Bonus? They’re very affordable and come in a set of 3.

4 | I love this wicker trunk from Wayfair! This fabulously functional storage trunk would complement any farmhouse or coastal decor. It comes in a variety of colors and the texture brings a cottage cozy feel to any space.

5 | If you have stuffed animals taking over your house, then this bean bag storage chair will be a game-changer! It offers plush seating for kids and keeps the stuffed animals contained. We use one of these in my daughter’s room and it definitely helps to contain the plethora of stuffed animals.  

6 | Pretty baskets are always a win to contain small toys on top of, or on the shelves of, larger furniture pieces.

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Hide Toys Under the Couch

Hiding the toys is a convenient way to keep them accessible, but out of sight. The couch, sofa, loveseat, and armchair are all furniture pieces under which to hide toys. Here are some under-the-couch solutions for your living room toy storage:

7 | This “Under the Bed Organization Storage Box” from WayFair is a simple, affordable, and effective way to hide toys under your furniture. 

8 | Walmart’s “Mainstays Underbed Plastic Storage Boxes” are a steal since you get 4 in a set! The boxes are quite large and could hold toys of different categories. Slap some cute labels on the front and you’re in business!

9 | If you want to get a bit fancier and more solid, this “Solid Wood Underbed Storage” from WayFair is a nice find. It has a stylish leather handle on the side and casters on the bottom for easy access.

10 | Speaking of casters, the “Galvanized Metal Underbed Storage” container features wheels and would fit in well with farmhouse or industrial chic decor.

11 | While this basket doesn’t have wheels, it certainly is pretty! Of course, you can count on West Elm to have a practical and stylish “Modern Weave Underbed Storage Basket.”

12 | These look so fun! But I haven’t used them before. These innovative toy storage bags by Swoop would make clean up a breeze. Although I have to admit that I am a bit scared of the amount of Legos that some of the larger ones can hold – yikes! Too many Legos for me. These smaller, neutral Swoop bags seem like a nice size for living room toy storage. 

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Budget-friendly Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

If you’d like to maximize space AND maximize your budget, then here are some fabulous living room toy storage ideas that won’t break the bank:

13 | Nothing’s easy on the wallet like a good ‘ol cardboard box covered in contact paper. Simply find a sturdy cardboard box (like a diaper box, wipes box, or a box from Costco), pick up some contact paper from the Dollar Tree, and voila! You’ve got instant storage. This is also a great way to test out your living room toy storage before you commit to purchasing an entirely new product. It is beneficial to ensure that a new toy organizing system will indeed work prior to shelling out some dough.  

14 | This DIY Rope Basket is basically a $1 laundry basket masquerading like a high-end basket. Simply pick up the supplies at your local Dollar Tree and you’ll have a good-looking basket by the end of the day. 

15 | These mesh toy storage bags come in a set of 12, with 3 different sizes, for only $17 and can be thrown in the washing machine if they get dirty. 

Which living room toy storage idea is your favorite? Which one do you think will work best for your space?

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Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

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