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Hi and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Andrea and I live in southern California with my wonderful husband and 2 darling daughters.

If you’d like to simplify your home in order to allow enough time and space for you to focus on your top priorities, then I’d like to help you on that journey. 

Here at Simplifying Mom Life, you can find practical tips to declutter and organize your home so that you can create margin for what matters most.

I’ve found that many moms struggle with inefficient home systems, too much clutter, and too little time for themselves – which is why my passion is to help moms be more deliberate with their space so they can be more intentional with their lives.

One of the things readers love most is that they can spend less time maintaining life and more time living life, in a way that is both doable and affordable.

Maybe you’ll find something that resonates with you. I’d love for you to take a look!

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My Own Journey to Simplify

My journey to simplify began shortly after I had my daughter. I began working a brand new, work-at-home job, full-time when she was 3 months old. As I adjusted to a new baby, life as a new mom, with a new job, at a new company, in the midst of sleep deprivation, I began to feel overwhelmed.

Not just by my circumstances.

But by stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

The circumstances of a lot of new changes happening at once just made it even the more obvious that I needed to simplify. The circumstances forced me to realize that our home systems were not functional for our new family life and I needed to find ways to streamline them so I could be more productive.

Hello, simplification!

Through the process of simplifying our stuff, I began to realize that outer order truly helps our household function in a more streamlined way.

Since that time, I’ve worked both full-time and part-time from home, been a full-time stay-at-home-mom, and worked both full-time and part-time outside the home. We also moved a few times, downsizing twice and most importantly, since then we’ve welcomed another child into our family.

In all these different seasons, simplifying our possessions allowed me to focus on what was most important. 

I’d like to help you do the same!


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